"Love for Children" -Athabascan Value

At iknowmine we want to help you keep the children in your life healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Below are the different subjects we cover. If you would like to see another subject covered, contact us! Or if you have a question that you need answered about the health and wellness of children, ask us a question and we'll get back to you soon. On the pages below you'll find information, flyers, posters, tools, and more to help you learn more about those topics.



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bullying Conversations

What is abuse? What are the signs of abuse? Who do I go to for help? 


What is bullying? How can I help my child? How can my community prevent bullying?

Concerned about exploration? Playing doctor? Good touch, bad touch? How to talk to your young child about their body.

Biking, snow machines, boating. What you need to know to keep them safe. Look here to all the brochures, flyers and posters. Also find additional local and national resources about children's health.