Physical Activity



Did you know? Only 14% of Alaska Native high school males and 5% of Alaska Native high school females get enough exercise. It is recommended for kids and adolescents to be physically active for 60 minutes every day for a healthy lifestyle.

You know, staying healthy means staying active! Spend time in your day where you get up and move. You may be asking yourself, am I getting enough exercise? Most of your exercise should be aerobic exercise at moderate or vigorous levels. Aerobic exercise is any activity that repeatedly uses your large muscles over an extended period of time, raises your heart beat, and exercises your lungs.
Good examples of aerobic exercise are:

  • running
  • power walking
  • biking
  • swimming
  • jumping rope
  • dancing
  •  playing games like basketball and soccer
  • Traditional activities like hunting, fishing, seal hop, berry picking, hiking, and more!

At a moderate activity level you should be able to hold a conversation but not sing.

At a vigorous activity level you should only be able to say a few words at a time.

Adolescents should also do muscle-strengthening and bone-strengthening activities at least 3 days a week. For example, rock climbing, yoga, Pilates, and weight lifting are good muscle-strengthening activities.

Any weight-bearing activities like running, jumping rope, tennis, basketball, and many Native Youth Olympics games are good bone-strengthening activities.

Stretching and flexibility are also important for your health. Warm up with light exercise for 10 minutes before stretching for another 10 minutes. You should also stretch after your cool down.


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