Pregnancy & Prevention

"Provide time to see how your life is going." - Cup'ik


Thinking about having sex?

Yes, no, maybe so. Knowing where you stand and what decision you are going to make is important. In other words, create a game plan! Protecting your health is what we're all about here at iknowmine.

Making the decision to have sex is a decision only you can make.

Not having sex (abstinence) is the only 100% way of not getting an STD or pregnant. We hope that if you decide on having sex that you are choosing to have safe sex. There is a lot to consider before making this decision too. By now you may know having unprotected sex can lead to getting an STD or getting pregnant.

Make sure you know the facts!

Learn more about birth, babies, and the challenges that follow teen parenthood and Pregnancy here. If you are deciding what type of birth control will be best for you, check out the facts about Birth Control here. Deciding to use birth control, before the heat of the moment will help you and your partner stay protected and in control of your health.