"Aginaasiin sismida. E / An}a}inas i}amanaasada. W"

"Be kind to other people." - Unangax (Aleut) Value

Alaska Native heterosexual couple sitting outside during winter at a cafe tableThere are a lot of different kinds of relationships, friends, dating, "it’s complicated", parent/child, grandparent/child, guardian/child, “just friends”, going together, etc. With all these different kinds of relationships it’s hard to know what’s healthy or unhealthy, how to keep yourself safe, and what to do if things are going wrong. Here at iknowmine, we hope to help you navigate these different kinds of relationships through providing some advice, lots of facts, and suggest where you to where you can go for help.

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safe dating dating and domestic violence Rape, Assault, and Harassment Get Help

What is a healthy relationship? An unhealthy one? What makes a good relationship

 What are the warning signs of abuse? I'm not being hit, is it still abuse?

Most rapes, assaults, and harassment comes from people we know. Find out more about the topic.

Need to talk about your relationship? In an abusive relationship? Have you been assaulted? Look here for help.

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