Sexual Health 

"Be strong in Mind, Body and Spirit." -Southeast Traditional Tribal Values

Being healthy is important, whether physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being. Remember YOU are in charge of your health! One way to stay healthy is to understand the facts and stats about sexual health and sexuality.

Sexual health is not just the lack of diseases or dysfunctions. Sexual health is about staying safe and having a good, respectful, and positive outlook on sexuality and sexual relationships.

What is sex? Can everyone get an STD? When does someone know they have an STD? What can someone do to protect themselves from STDs?

There are lots of questions about sexual health. Navigating through these different kinds of questions can be a challenge. Have no fear, here at iknowmine, we hope to help you answer some of these questions.


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What is an STD? How do people get STDs? Can you tell people have STDs by the way they look? Find out the facts here.

 What are the struggles of teen parenthood? What is a female condom? Learn more about birth control here.

Yep, free! You can have condoms and other safe sex supplies sent to your home or PO box, free of charge.

Do you think you could have an STD? Learn about testing and get peace of mind. Learn about your options here and order a free at-home testing kit!

 [Definition of sexual health informed by: and WHO working definition, 2002]