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Being healthy is important, whether physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being. Remember YOU are in charge of your health! One way to stay healthy is to remember that even though your body is going through growth spurts and is changing (what feels like over night) in so many ways, making decisions to keep a strong, thriving, and happy lifestyle is best. Keep calm and carry on!

What is health? People say you are what you eat. Is that true? What are ways to keep my body strong? What does alcohol really do to my body?

There's are lots of questions about health. Navigating through these different kinds of questions can be a challenge. Have no fear, here at iknowmine, we hope to help you answer some of these questions.


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Drinking, doing drugs, and smoking can cause damage to your growing body. Discover the risks here.

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A-to-Z is a complete (well...semi-complete) definition library of all things anatomy.

 What are the healthiest things for your body? Are traditional foods healthy? Learn more about nutrition here.

Rape, Assault, and Harassment safe dating
Stay active. Stay strong. Live your life best by keeping your body physically fit! Learn the reasons why here.

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Discover the important reasons to avoid injury.

[Definition of sexual health informed by: and WHO working definition, 2002]


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