Your Emotions

"Gather Knowledge and Wisdom" -Saint Lawrence Island Yup'ik Value

Your emotions are an important part of your overall health, just as important as your physical, sexual, and spiritual health. It is also a part of us that is highly individualized and personal to us. Here at, we want to help you with some of the harder subjects in life we can face such as depression, grieving, suicide, and how to keep your emotional health well. Just like we have to go to the doctor when we are injured or fall sick throughout our lives, sometimes we need to go to others for help. Maybe we can help with some events, maybe your friends and family can help with others, but sometimes we need to go to professionals. Professionals can be health aides, help lines, online peer counseling chat rooms, spiritual leaders, elders, or counselors. To do that, visit our Other Resources page or talk to your health aide or doctor.


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How do I keep my emotional health healthy? How can I be happy? What is emotional health?

An important part to our emotional health is our friends, family, & community. Learn how here.

 Our emotions also cover our spiritual health which we all need to look after, regardless of religion.

 Do you have a friend you're worried about? Are you considering suicide? Let us help.
 Everyone experiences a loss in their lives. Learn about how to heal and cope with these events.