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Music by Indigenous Youth

iknowmine staff - Friday, July 06, 2012

Check out this awesome music created by Indigenous teens in Portland, OR at a Native Youth Conference. If you didn’t know, wernative is our sister organization to the south. It’s a good day to be Indigenous!



This original music CD was created in 4 days in June 2012 by Native youth living across the USA and adult mentors to prepare them as musical peer educators in their communities and schools. Their songs and stories are devoted to: native Pride, Health Promotion, Suicide, Alcohol and Addiction Prevention. Music academy program support and funding was provided by THRIVE, a project at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, hots of the health Promotion Conference. Music mentors academy staff include: Todd Denny, Program Director, J. Ross Parrelli, and our talented audio engineer Brad kaminski, Kevin “Yamio” Winkle and Spiro Spanos.

Contact project THRIVE at the NPAIHB at: 503.228.4185 or Todd Denny, Music Mentor Academies at: 360.866.7140

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