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Sex Trafficking a Problem for Native Girls and Women

iknowmine staff - Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Native Girls Are Being Exploited and Destroyed at an Alarming Rate


Mary G. was born from the boats. Her children were born from the boats too, all fathered through her liaisons with male customers. She has never known anything else. Like generations of Native girls and women before her, Mary and her family are inextricably tied to prostitution in the great port city of Duluth, Minnesota. Long before the term sex trafficking entered the public lexicon and began appearing in headlines, Native women like Mary and her mother Ruthie were lured into prostitution. Largely driven by poverty and homelessness as well as an underlying racism that sanctioned the sexual degradation of Native women, generations of them have sold themselves to survive.

Is this a story of ours Alaska? Could this be the story of our Alaska Native women? What about AN Women and oil workers? Military? Tourists? How is it the same or different?

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