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Springtime Check-in!

iknowmine staff - Friday, April 28, 2017

“Aarnaiteq” (ah-r-night-eq) in Yup'ik means “to be safe,” or “to not be such as to make one wary.” We at iknowmine are here to support Alaskan youth and individuals in their sexual and reproductive health. For April we want to share how to prevent some common and not talked about health problems here in Alaska. Let’s cover some road about sexually transmitted diseases!

April is National STD Awareness Month. Each year the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, promotes awareness in April because STDs are one of the most common diseases in the US and least talked about! Read on to learn about what we can do to protect and promote wellness in Alaska.

The theme for #STDMONTH17 is “Syphilis Strikes Back.” Syphilis is a STD that used to be thought of as “vintage” but has been making a comeback (and not in a good way!).

It now more common everywhere in the US again! But together we can change that and reduce Syphilis together in Alaska.

Learn how now!

Syphilis is passed person to person by touching a sore or sharing bodily fluids (like blood or during sex). Nowadays, syphilis is totally treatable. But! If not tested and caught early syphilis can cause permanent harm like brain damage, paralysis, heart disease, and death. More for details on what syphilis does to your body, including pictures of having the disease, go to

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Prevent all STDs and HIV!

Condoms can help prevent STDs when used the right way and all the time. Order free condoms today! 

More about all the different ways to prevent HIV, STDs, and pregnancy at

Important! Remember to get tested regularly for STDs! The CDC recommends to get tested for STDs and HIV regularly based on your sex life. 

You are worth it! 

One more thing!

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We have a contest to help us order more condoms! Pick your favorite design from 24 Alaskan designs and the top ten will be selected. Vote for your top 10 and have a chance to win $25 gift cards! Cast your vote now at! 

-the staff at IKM is an Alaska Native youth wellness website run by ANTHC’s HIV/STD Prevention Program.