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Wrapping Up STD Awareness Month 2016

iknowmine staff - Saturday, April 30, 2016

“You have to hear this new song. I know you’re going to like it,” says Sarah, a fun-loving, energetic young Aleut/Iñupiaq woman. “You always say we’re going to like it,” replies Ben.

Ben and Sarah are two student athletes getting through school. Wither their best friend Matt, there’s always time for a game or to hang out. They are in a relationship with each other and care about each other a lot. They have a lot going on, each balancing school with family responsibilities, and sports.

Ben and Sarah have high hopes for their futures. Navigating these things in addition to dealing with relationships can sometimes be hard.

There is never an easy answer to life’s questions, but there are resources that can help us with things like relationships and health. We at iknowmine are here to help for exactly these things. In thinking about this, certain health topics are near and dear to our hearts right now. April is National Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Awareness Month.

The CDC recognizes #STDMonth16 because STDs are a serious problem that can have negative health outcomes, such as infertility or chronic pelvic pain, if left untreated. (For more on STDs, go here).

Ben and Sarah are two characters in Safe in the Village (SITV), an Alaska Native film about three friends dealing with life decisions, probably just like you are. Ben and Sarah talk  about everything from music to life goals to decisions about sex and alcohol. Plus, trying to figure things out while still having fun and being positive!

SITV is a free movie available to anyone. Did you know that we are screening the episodes through Facebook? We have new episodes every Friday so follow us on Facebook to be sure not to miss! Also, we are excited to announce the release of the long awaited soundtrack featuring renowned artist Lonnie Dangerous. Listen to the soundtrack now through CDBaby, Amazon or iTunes!

Some tips from iknowmine around #STDMonth:

  • Get tested. Order your free at-home testing kit at
  • Talk to your healthcare provider like a Community Health Aide (CHA), public health nurse or doctor about getting condoms or getting tested for STDs. If you are unsure about anything, ask questions.
  • Order condoms here for free!
  • Find answers to questions at ikm like: Can I catch a STD If I haven’t had sex yet? My friend seems depressed. How can I help?
  • Text 4HEALTH to 313131 to ask health questions for free through iknowmine’s Ask Dr. Beth
  • Talk to your trusted adults, like parents, an aunt or uncle, about relationships and health

About SITV:
The ANTHC HIV/STD Prevention Program created SITV by talking to almost 100 youth in rural Alaska just like you. Tribal leaders, community health aides (CHAs), parents and other stakeholders also helped shape the program. SITV features local Alaska Native film talents. Do you know any of them? Watch the trailer now!  

Learn more about SITV.