Video Gallery

Angelina HIV Story


Angelica tells her personal story of having an uncle who developed AIDS at a later time in life and became very sick. Angelica wants everyone to know it is important to get tested to get help as soon as possible and to always remember to stay safe and use protection. Watch on youtube.


Condom Demonstration


A video demonstrating how to properly use a male condom and a female condom. 

If used consistently and correctly, condoms, including female condoms, are highly effective at preventing pregnancy and some sexually transmitted diseases, including  HIV. Watch the video on Youtube.




Drop the Ball Extended

Image is where you can order a free STD test kit to use in the privacy of your own home.  Watch the Youtube video.

Let's Talk About Sex With Our Kids


A mothers story. Because there is very little sexual education in the smaller communities in Alaska, as a mom I teach my kids about safe sex and I live as an example and get myself tested yearly. Watch on Youtube.

Little Ones Are Watching


A man describes growing up with a father who smoked. He vowed never to smoke, but times in his life led him to do something he said he would never do. Now with a family, he wanted to change for his children and grandchildren. Watch on Youtube.

Mother's daughter, and father's daugther


Janie's personal digital story of the importance of others and her own health, family traditions and connections. Watch on Youtube.

Teen Father


A teen father expresses the way he felt when he learned he was going to be a father. Watch on Youtube.

Zeb's Message - Know your status!


Zeb is a father and has been tested and wants to pass on the message of a healthy lifestyle to his family, just as his grandma did with him. His message: "Pass on a healthy lifestyle and not a STD." Watch on Youtube.